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Figure 1: Partial WISDOM screen shots

a) After having been randomized to either a 'low carb' or 'low fat' diet, patients undergo treatment interspersed by two weight stabilization periods. Within each diet, patients are randomized to two hormones (leptin vs placebo).

During Visit_1, the hormone is injected, the dietary plan is handed out, and routine observations are taken. During Visit_2 and Visit_3, some of these observations are repeated.

During Visit_4, Heart function on stationary bicycle is evaluated in a factorial design, with three target levels, each to be held for five periods of increasing length, with the position varying from supine to sitting.

b) Each node is associated with the variables to be observed at this particular interaction with the subject. Node 'Heart Function' is associated with 'Systolic' and 'Diastolic' blood pressure as well as 'Heart Rate'.