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Figure 3: Results of the knowledge test

A. Results of the knowledge test held with the IC groups in the on-site phases 0 and II. The maximum number of points that could be achieved was 12. 37 students took part in the knowledge test in on-site phase 0 and 42 in on-site phase II. B-G. Classification of the questions from the knowledge test as purely biochemistry questions (B-D) and questions with a clinical relevance (E-G). Competency level 1 (factual knowledge) and 2 (reasoning knowledge and know-how) according to the NKLM as well as the types of questions are also shown. The Y-axis shows the maximum possible number of points for each questions. p-value, ** p=0.01; *** p=0.001; **** p=0.0001; n.s., not significant.