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Figure 2: Evaluation results for the traditional versus Inverted Classroom group from the official evaluation sheet of the Medical Faculty in Ulm.

A-C The items were rated by the students on the basis of a Likert scale from 1 (strongly disagree) to 6 (strongly agree). A. Questions on the organisation, structure and design of the course. ***, p<0.05. B. Questions on the learning objectives and learning content of the course. ***, p<0.05. C. Questions on the commitment of the lecturers and the didactic implementation. ***, p<0.05. D. Vote on the need to optimise the course. Significantly fewer students from the IC group saw a need for optimisation in all fields compared to students from the traditional group. *, p=0.04; **, p=0.01; ***, p=0.001. See the Attachment 1 for individual values.