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LY: Life years, QALY: quality-adjusted life year, n.a.: not available, Mild: mild chronic hepatitis C, Mod: moderate chronic hepatitis C, Cirr: compensated cirrhosis, CHC: chronic hepatitis C, G-1: Genotype 1, G-non-1: Genotype >1, cs: cost-saving

*Therapy duration for genotype 1 (other genotypes 24 weeks).

Exchange rates expressed as national currency units per US$ were used to convert all results to US$ [21].

(1) assumed index year 1998, (2) assumed index year 1999.

Table 6: Discounted incremental cost-effectiveness-ratios (ICER) and discounted incremental cost-utility-ratios (ICUR) for combination therapy with interferon plus ribavirin (24 or 48 weeks) vs. interferon monotherapy (48 weeks) in treatment-naїve patients with chronic hepatitis C