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Figure 3A: Partial segment of the “Murerplan”, a 1576 woodcut map of Zurich by Jos Murer (1530-1580). The dotted line marks the approximate boundaries of Kloster Oetenbach, within which the Blatternhaus accomodated and treated syphilis patients. (1) Cloister tower. (2) Future location of Oetenbachgasse (street). (3) Rennweg (street). (4) Lindenhoff (courtyard).

B: Aerial photograph of Zurich circa 1898 by Eduard Spelterini (1852–1931). Much of the peripheral cloister structures had been replaced by a city prison built around the older buildings. Dotted lines mark approximate location of previous cloister area. (1) Cloister tower is still present. (2) Oetenbachgasse. (3) Rennweg. (4) Lindenhoff. (5) Rathaus (city hall). (6) Fraumuenster church. (7) Grossmuenster church. (8) Inside view of the cloister courtyard circa 1900, before the structure was destroyed. Cloister tower still visible in background.