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33. Internationale Konferenz für Elektrokardiographie

Internationale Konferenz für Elektrokardiographie

Cardioelectric Field On The Body Surface Of Fish At Cooling

Meeting Abstract

  • M.P. Roshchevsky - Institute of Physiology RAS, Syktyvkar, Russland
  • corresponding author presenting/speaker S. Chudorodova - Institute of Physiology RAS, Syktyvkar, Russland
  • I.M. Roshchevskaya - Institute of Physiology RAS, Syktyvkar, Russland

33rd International Congress on Electrocardiology. Cologne, 28.06.-01.07.2006. Düsseldorf, Köln: German Medical Science; 2007. Doc06ice141

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© 2007 Roshchevsky et al.
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The study of the occurrence of spatial cardioelectric field in vertebrates with different types of activation by the method of synchronous multi-channel cardioelectrochronotopography will allow to formulate the separate provisions of the theory of functioning the myocardium in the process of evolution. The cardioelectric field on the body surface of fish at body temperature from 23o to 10o C was studied. Cardioelectric potentials were registered from 32 electrodes, evenly portioned on the body surface. On fish body surface at period of depolarization of heart ventricle the cardioelectric field with positive zone mainly on the ventral body surface and negative - on the dorsal one is formed. At period of repolarization of ventricle the distribution of potential with negative zone in the cranial and positive zone - in the caudal area is formed. When cooling the body there occurs the essential lengthening of the period of initial ventricular activity, however mutual location of the areas of positive and negative potentials on the body surface remains the same. When cooling of fish the most essential changes of the mutual location of the areas of positive and negative potentials are observed at period of repolarization of heart ventricle.

The work is supported by the grant of RFBR 05 -04-08086, 05-04-49296.