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33. Internationale Konferenz für Elektrokardiographie

Internationale Konferenz für Elektrokardiographie

Results Of Investigations Of Cardiac Electrical Field Obtained On The Basis Of Integral Body Surface Potential Maps

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  • A. Czerwinska - Institute of Biocyb.and Biomed. Eng. PAS, Warsaw, Polen
  • corresponding author presenting/speaker M. Doros - Institute of Biocyb.and Biomed. Eng. PAS, Warsaw, Polen

33rd International Congress on Electrocardiology. Cologne, 28.06.-01.07.2006. Düsseldorf, Köln: German Medical Science; 2007. Doc06ice103

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Veröffentlicht: 8. Februar 2007

© 2007 Czerwinska et al.
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In the work there are presented the results of non-invasive investigations of cardiac electrical field, where the Integral Body Surface Potential Maps (IBSPM’s) are the fundamental source of information about the electrical activity of the heart of the examined patients. During the investigations the inverse cardiac field problem has been solved using FEM method with non-linear regularization. The results are Integral Epicardial Potential Maps (IEPM’s). The investigations were carried out in two directions: 1) identification of ventricular late potentials and 2) evaluation of results during the cardiac pharmacotherapy carried out. All IEPM’s calculated by the simulation method applied as the boundary conditions the IBSPM’s measured in interval QRST of ECG. 1) the investigations referred to: 8 healthy patients, 15 patients with infarct where the existence of late potentials has not been confirmed, and 10 patients with infarct and with confirmed ventricular late potentials. The results are:

- IEPM’s for healthy patients always contain 2 extremes; positive is located in the left ventricular surface, negative is located at a level of aorta,

- IEPM’s for patients with infarct, where the ventricular late potentials were confirmed, contain several extremes (more than 3), but always we can distinguish two main extremes,

- IEPM’s for patients with infarct, where the existence of ventricular late potentials was not confirmed, are characterized by a special localization of 2 main extremes.

2) evaluation of therapy comprised 10 patients; applied therapy was proper apart from two patients; in this case the changes in obtained integral maps were not observed. In the rest of the patients we observed decrease of the number of the extremes; for three patients the state of healthy subject has been achieved.

This work was supported by MES Research Project No 3T11E 003 30 in years 2006-2007