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78. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e. V.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e. V.

16.05. - 20.05.2007, München

Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis: results of adjuvant therapy with cidofovir

Meeting Abstract

  • corresponding author Annett Pudszuhn - HNO-Uni-Klinik, Halle/Saale
  • Cornelia Wulke - HNO-Uni-Klinik, Halle/Saale
  • Sylva Barthel-Friedrich - HNO-Uni-Klinik, Halle/Saale
  • Stephan Knipping - HNO-Uni-Klinik, Halle/Saale
  • Kerstin Neumann - HNO-Uni-Klinik, Halle/Saale

German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery. 78th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery. Munich, 16.-20.05.2007. Düsseldorf, Köln: German Medical Science; 2007. Doc07hno045

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Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis is a benign laryngeal disease. There are papilloma like lesions of cause an infection with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

High recurrency of disease constrained frequently lasersurgical vaporization of papillomas. The efficacy of adjuvant intralesional injection from Cidofovir as an virustaticum in the laryngeal papillomatosis will be proved.

Fourteen patients (age 5-70 years) with recurrent laryngeal papillomatosis were treated from 10/2001-11/2006. Following a clinical and phoniatric examination all patients undergone multiple surgical procedure with microlaryngoscopic removal of papillomas and Cidofovir injection. The therapeutical regime continued monthly until the remission. In all case the papillomatosis was histologically confirmed and HPV typecasted.

After 3-7 treatments in terms of removal of papillomas and Cidofovir injection all patient showed a marked reduction of papillomas. In seven cases the treatment is finished with interval free of recurrency from 2.4 years (range 1-4 Jahre). Recurrencies are found in three patients although there get a longterm remission after renewed therapy. There was no side effects.

The intralesional injction of cidofovir is a promising local therapeutical option in avoidance of systemic toxicity. Longterm remission are possible. The histological examiation an HPV-typecast were recommended.