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10.11. bis 12.11.2006, Köln

Changing the Progress Test from a Manual to the Computer-based logiEXAM Format

Wechsel des ProgressTests vom manuellen zum computergestützten logiEXAM-Format

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Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Medizinische Ausbildung - GMA. Köln, 10.-12.11.2006. Düsseldorf, Köln: German Medical Science; 2006. Doc06gma069

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Since 1997 30 ProgressTests (PTs) with 300 items each have been taken by 18 cohorts (with ca. 114 candidates each). Because the manual procedure to prepare, score and publish results is very time consuming the computer-based logiEXAM procedure has been investigated on its benefits.

The PT-ItemBank has 10 WordTable formatted sections holding ca. 1,500 items actually. Correct conclusions are shadowed boxes in the corresponding row. Items to use in a test are copied to the preliminary test sheets. From this “mother sheets” a definitive booklet (without shadowed boxes) and a score sheet with corresponding shadowed boxes only are processed on PC. After students having taken the PT each sheet of the test booklets is xeroxed by its corresponding score sheet: Test sheets show shadowed boxes at those places were the correct answers should have been marked.

Correct conclusions, wrong answers and ?-answers are feed into an SPSS-table (ca. 30,000 strokes). From these data statistics are calculated to decide between pass or failed. The whole procedure to score PTs and to calculate its results takes ca. 45 hrs to perform in 2-3 days.

As a result of the time consuming procedure the soft- and hardware package logiEXAM had been purchased in December 2005 for its promise “50 tests – scored and evaluated – in the short brake!”.

Since 2005 four PTs have been reviewed using the various formats of logiEXAM test and evalua-tion sheets. Software familiarisation showed to be very time consuming. Students are in favour of the 36 page test booklet instead of the one-page score sheet – time to score and evaluate increases dramatically.

Though constructing the ItemBank-database consumes time, logiEXAM holds what it promises but needs streamlining for big cohorts, Word-modules to insert in the test booklet and links to sta-tistic software as SPSS or SAS.