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EbM in Qualitätsmanagement und operativer Medizin
8. Jahrestagung des Deutschen Netzwerks Evidenzbasierte Medizin e. V.

Deutsches Netzwerk Evidenzbasierte Medizin e. V.

22.03. - 24.03.2007 in Berlin

The influence of an antibiotic prophylaxis on the implant failure rate of patients undergoing dental implant placement: a systematic review

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EbM in Qualitätsmanagement und operativer Medizin. 8. Jahrestagung des Deutschen Netzwerks Evidenzbasierte Medizin e. V.. Berlin, 22.-24.03.2007. Düsseldorf, Köln: German Medical Science; 2007. Doc07ebm060

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The aim of this systematic review is to compare the implant failure rates of patients with and without preoperative antibiosis before dental implantation.


The systematic literature research was carried out with the electronic databases Pubmed, Medpilot and Cochrane Library. Main search terms were antibiotic*, premedicat* and prophyla* combined with dental, endoss*, osseointegr* and oral implant*. In addition several dental journals were handsearched. There was no restriction of language. Only prospective, controlled studies were included, which examine the influence of preoperative antibiosis on the implant failure rate.


671 titles and abstracts were identified by the literature search, out of which 43 were selected for detailed review. Among these 5 studies could be included in our review.


No randomized and controlled studies exist up to now. From controlled, observational studies there is evidence, that the use of preoperative antibiotics reduces the implant failure rates.

There is still need for randomized studies including a cost – benefit analysis.

Table 1 [Tab. 1].


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