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Artificial Vision — The 2nd Bonn Dialogue. The International Symposium on Visual Prosthesis

Retina Implant Foundation

19.09.2009, Bonn

Free Communications

Meeting Abstract (09ri21)

Light controlled retinal stimulator for large number of electrodes

Ohta J
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Meeting Abstract (09ri22)

Neurophysics of retinal visual prostheses

Schanze T
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Meeting Abstract (09ri23)

Successful long-term in vivo-function of the wireless EPI RET3 retina implant system – Tests in Goettinger minipigs

Laube T, Brockmann C, Bornfeld N, Rössler G, Walter P, EPI RET3 Study Group
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Meeting Abstract (09ri24)

Mobility testing and its Repeatability in RP Patients with profound visual impairment: Learning effects, coping strategies and other influencing factors

Velikay-Parel M, Ivastinovic D, Georgi T, Hornig R, Langmann A
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Meeting Abstract (09ri25)

Active subretinal implants: Design, functionality, and operational experience

Wrobel W
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Meeting Abstract (09ri26)

Results of the preoperative planning procedure in subretinal prosthesis implantation

Kusnyerik A, Greppmaier U, Wilke R, Bartz-Schmidt KU, Porubska K, Klose U, Gekeler F, Süveges I, Zrenner E
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