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24th Annual Meeting of the German Retina Society

German Retina Society

17.06. - 18.06.2011, Aachen

II. Surgery I

Meeting Abstract (11rg09)

Surgery for AMD, worth to do?

van Meurs JC
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Meeting Abstract (11rg10)

Compatibility of co-applied rtPA and bevacizumab for neovascular AMD with submacular hemorrhage

Hillenkamp J, Puls S, Klettner A, Treumer F, Roider J
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Meeting Abstract (11rg11)

Complete pars plana vitrectomy interventions in the Eyesi simulator: How effective is this training concept?

Koch FHJ, Deuchler S, Pfister M, Koss M, Krueger H, Singh P
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Meeting Abstract (11rg12)

Has experience an effect on the success of retinal detachment surgery?

Mazinani BAE, Rajendram A, Walter P, Roessler GF
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Meeting Abstract (11rg13)

Intraoperative OCT (iOCT) for posterior segment surgery

Müller M, Steven P, Lankenau E, Krug M, Acidereli E, Oelkers S, Birngruber R, Grisanti S, Hüttmann G, Lübecker OCT Studiengruppe
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Meeting Abstract (11rg14)

Anterior chamber aqueous flare as a predictor for proliferative vitreoretinopathy in patients with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment

Fauser S, Schröder S, Müther PS, Caramoy A, Diestelhorst M, Kirchhof B
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Meeting Abstract (11rg15)

Primary vitrectomy for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment in pseudophakic eyes: Is 20-gauge vitrectomy superior to transconjunctival 25-gauge vitrectomy?

Aisenbrey S, Neuhann I, Szurman P, Bartz-Schmidt KU
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Meeting Abstract (11rg16)

Therapy for pediatric rhegmatogenous retinal detachment: Is there room for improvement?

Bopp S, Schüler A, Lucke K
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