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23rd Annual Meeting of the German Retina Society

German Retina Society

24.09. - 25.09.2010, Freiburg

V. Free Papers – Highspeed Session

Meeting Abstract (10rg39)

Serum Survivin levels in patients with uveal melanoma – a promising biomarker?

Georgieva I, Willerding G, Foerster MH, Joussen AM
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Meeting Abstract (10rg40)

Instant visual rehabilitation of bilateral retinal ablation due to radiation

Thimm CBG, Schmidt JC
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Meeting Abstract (10rg41)

Choroidal neovascularization recurrence after autologous transplantation of retinal pigment epithelium and choroid in neovascular age-related macular degeneration

Caramoy A, Liakopoulos S, Kirchhof B
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Meeting Abstract (10rg42)

Temperature-triggered variable exposure times facilitate reproducible laser lesions in retinal photocoagulation

Koinzer S, Brinkmann R, Schlott K, Ptaszynski L, Baade A, Bever M, Birngruber R, Roider J
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Meeting Abstract (10rg43)

Potentials of anti-VEGF therapy in neovascular glaucoma

Lipski A, Bornfeld N, Jurklies B
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Meeting Abstract (10rg44)

Retinal microglia in the mouse model of oxygen-induced retinopathy

Fischer F, Martin G, Agostini H
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Meeting Abstract (10rg45)

Autofluorescent findings in a case of multiple evanescent white dot syndrome

Zollfrank C, Prahs P, Gamulescu MA, Helbig H
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Meeting Abstract (10rg46)

Combined branch retinal artery and central retinal vein obstruction associated with interferon β therapy

Jenisch T, Dietrich T, Renner AB, Helbig H, Gamulescu MA
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Meeting Abstract (10rg47)

How fast declines the Avastin concentration in eye? Measurements of the pharmacokinetics of Bevacizumab in human eyes

Meyer CH, Krohne T, Holz FG
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Meeting Abstract (10rg48)

SD-OCT complements histologic evaluation of potential Bruch's Membrane Prosthetics

Stanzel BV, Liu ZP, Clemens CR, Brinken R, Kearns V, Wegener A, Sheridan C, Williams R, Holz FG, Eter N
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Meeting Abstract (10rg49)

Video Journal of Vitreoretinal Surgery (VJVRS)

Scharioth GB, Hattenbach LO, Mirshahi A
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