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23rd Annual Meeting of the German Retina Society

German Retina Society

24.09. - 25.09.2010, Freiburg

IV. Ocular Tumors

Meeting Abstract (10rg28)

Follow up data of 347 patients with uveal melanoma tested by microsatellite analysis in correlation to patients' prognosis

Thomas S, Weber S, Boes T, Bornfeld N, Zeschnigk M
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Meeting Abstract (10rg29)

Retrospective analysis to evaluate risk factors for radiation retinopathy in patients received proton beam radiation as a treatment for choroidal melanoma

Kakkassery V, Willerding G, Cordini D, Winterhalter S, Heufelder J, Joussen AM
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Meeting Abstract (10rg30)

Treatment planning in proton therapy of ocular tumors

Heufelder J, Cordini D, Karle B, Jamil B, Stark R, Weber A, Moser L, Hinkelbein W, Joussen AM, Willerding G
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Meeting Abstract (10rg31)

Local tumour control and enucleation rate after 106Ru-Brachytherapy for Uveal Melanoma

Lakotka N, Alekian L, Willerding G, Krause L, Wachtlin J, Foerster MH, Bechrakis NE
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Meeting Abstract (10rg32)

Endoresection of large uveal melanoms after pretreatment by single-dose stereotactic convergence irradiation with gamma-knife and adjuvant brachytherapy – long term results

Biewald E, Freistühler M, Gök M, Jurklies B, Sauerwein W, Horstmann GA, Bornfeld N
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Meeting Abstract (10rg33)

Ruthenium plaque brachytherapy in vasoproliferative tumors of the retina

Willerding G, Urban K, Kakkassery V, Joussen AM
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Meeting Abstract (10rg34)

Objective functional long-term improvement following photodynamic therapy in circumscribed choroidal hemangioma

Jurklies B, Lipski A
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Meeting Abstract (10rg35)

Treatment of juuxtapapillary uveal melanomas

Freistühler M, Gök M, Flühs D, Sauerwein W, Bornfeld N
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Meeting Abstract (10rg36)

Two cases of adult retinoblastoma treated by radiotherapy

Weiß CLM, Jurklies C, Bornfeld N
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Meeting Abstract (10rg37)

Treatment of the exudative retinal detachment after brachytherapy of uveal melanomas: Triamcinolone acetonide vs pars plana Vitrectomy

Gkika T, Jurklies B, Gök M, Freistühler M, Flühs D, Sauerwein W, Bornfeld N
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Meeting Abstract (10rg38)

Value of Superselective Ophthalmic Artery Chemotherapy with Melphahlan for Retinoblastoma

Holdt M, Bornfeld N
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