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54. Jahrestagung der Norddeutschen Orthopädenvereinigung e. V.

Norddeutsche Orthopädenvereinigung

16.06. bis 18.06.2005, Hamburg

Elektronische Poster (EP)

Meeting Abstract (05novEP01)

Effekte einer zwölfwöchigen Sporttherapie bei Wirbelsäulenerkrankungen

Raabe-Oetker A, Becker R
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP02)

Femoroacetabular impingement - surgical treatment by means of anterior mini-invasive osteoplasty in young adults

Ribas M, Vilarrubias J, Ginebreda I, Silberberg J, Leal J
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP05)

Steroids enhance femoral head lateral epiphysial artery contraction

Drescher W, Liebs T, Bünger M, Weigert K, Bünger C, Hansen E
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP06)

Health-related quality of life after elective total hip arthroplasty – influence of the weight-bearing recommendation

Liebs T, Drescher W, Herzberg W, Haasters J, Russlies M, Rüther W, Hassenpflug J
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP07)

Regeneration of the coracoacromial ligament after primary incision or resection

Theermann R, Hamper K, Hedtmann A
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP08)

Division of the transverse acetabular ligament and non-weightbearing in perthes' disease

Meiss A, Clarfeld L
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP09)

The primary hyperparathyroidism

Meyer H, Klinger H
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP10)

Predictive value of discography procedures in lumbar degenerative disc diseases (DDD)

Thielke-Neitzel K, Engelhardt T, von Wilmsdorff H, Ernstberger T, König F
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP11)

The anti-inflammatory herbal drug, Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) (Allya®) inhibits TNFα gene expression via blockade of protein kinase Cε and AP-1

McGregor G, Munoz E, Fiebich B, Zimmermann A, Ibig Y, Orlikowski S, Heinrich M
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP12)

Epidural perineural injection of Orthokine conditioned autologous serum vs Triamcinolone for the treatment of lumbar radicular pain

Becker C, Becker C, Heidersdorf S, Drewlo S, Zirke de Rodriquez S, Willburger R, Krämer J
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP13)

Analysis of complications with the ASR hip resurfacing system

Springorum H, Popken F, Koenig D, Eysel P
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP14)

Comparative sonographic investigations according to Graf and Terjesen

Falliner A, Schwinzer D, Hahne H, Hassenpflug J
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP15)

The dynamic epiphyseal telescoping screw - a new device for the treatment of the slipped femoral epiphysis

Bertram C, Eysel P
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP16)

Statistical shape analysis for spine deformation detection

Schmitz A, Bendels G, Smimi M, Klein R
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP17)

Vertebral rotation measurement from CT scan for idiopathic scoliosis

Desai B, Fürderer S, Otto S, Eysel P
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP18)

The treatment of the flat foot with the extraarticular arthrorisis (MBA screw)

Schwerter K, Sachse A, Rode S
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP19)

The antimicrobial peptides LL-37 and HBD-3 are expressed and produced in healthy and inflamed human synovial membranes

Oestern S, Paulsen F, Pufe T, Conradi L, Hassenpflug J, Mann M, Schütz R, Varoga D
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP20)

ISO-C 3D navigated kyphoplasty of vertebral compression fractures (VCF)

Gödde S, Fritsch EW
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP21)

Experimental analysis of the influence of acetabular cup orientation on dislocation of total hip replacement (THR)

Scholz R, Bader R, Steinhauser E, von Salis-Soglio G
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP22)

Transfixation of unstable slipped capital femoral Epiphysis (SCFE) with Kirschner-wires

Seller K, Wild A, Westhoff B, Raab P, Krauspe R
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP23)

Gait analysis as diagnostic tool in patients with cervical myelopathy

Kothe R, Deuretzbacher G, Papavero L, Rüther W
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP24)

Radiographic parameters influencing the degenerative olisthesis of the cervical spine

von Schulze Pellengahr C, Birkenmaier C, Wegener B, Jansson V
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP25)

Application of the FEM to investigate the effects of the impingement mechanism on the anchorage stability of artificial hip joint cups

Voigt C, Scholz R, Bader R, Klöhn C, von Salis-Soglio G
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP26)

A randomised, active-controlled, mono-centric study of the herbal drug, Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) (ALLYA® tablets), Voltaren® and Vioxx® indicates equal efficacy in the treatment of patients with unspecific lumbar pain

Lienert A, Ruetten S, Kuhn M, Wartenberg-Demand A
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP27)

Percutaneous suture of the Achilles tendon rupture in modified technique

Meyer O, Godolias G
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP29)

Solid-state NMR spectroscopy on bone

Pretzsch M, Wild A, Schulz J, Zernia G, Deiwick A, Bader A, Arnold K, Huster D
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP30)

The role of the AC joint with arthroscopic subacromial decompression – coplaning or resection of the distal clavicle?

Heikenfeld R, Listringhaus R, Godolias G
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP31)

Arthroscopic management of an os acromiale

Heikenfeld R, Listringhaus R, Godolias G
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP32)

The contralateral effect after a single-leg coordinative training program

Oehlert K, Heine J, Krause H, Varoga D, Rieckert H, Hassenpflug J
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP33)

Short and midlong results after MP joint arthroplasty with the cementless, unconstrained Elogenics™ prosthesis in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Mayer B, Gottstein T, Hagena F
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP34)

Arthroscopic therapy of chondral defects of the talus on the upper ankle by means of microfracturing

Meyer O, Godolias G
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP35)

Treatment in a perforation of Aorta through pedicle screw as a rare complication

Wegener B, von Pellengahr C, Birkenmaier C, Dürr H, Müller P, Jansson V
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP36)

The representation BMP-2-coated metal implants by diffraction enhanced imaging (DEI) in sheeps

Sachse A, Wagner A, Lohmann M, Keller M, Metge J, Mollenhauer J, Sieber N, Roth A
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP37)

Anterior capsular shift increases strain in the posterior capsule and reduces range of motion in the glenohumeral joint

Hellmers N, Wülker N, Windhagen H, Hurschler C
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP38)

The inferior capsular shift according to NEER in the operative treatment of the multidirectional instability of the shoulder with special reverence to the laxity

Hellmers N, Böhtig H, Betthäuser A, Hille E
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP39)

Therapy of the DIGEST standardindications by piezoelectric extracorporal shockwavetherapy

Menkens S, Betthäuser A
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP40)

Influence of jet-lavage system upon in vitro cement penetration in femoral cancellous bone

Lehner B, Becker C, Breusch S
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP41)

Coding and reimbursement for spine surgery procedures under the German DRG system

Ahrens M, Wilde J, Halm H
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP42)

Charges of conservative in-patient treatment of degenerate diseases of the spine in the German DRG-system

Rhomberg I, Rödl R, Liljenqvist U
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP43)

Post-operative CT-Scan as a tool of quality-management following midline-decompression of the lumbar spine

Schilling J, Michalik-Himmelmann R, Hille E
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP44)

Does functional spinal canal stenosis need different treatment?

Schilling J, Hille E
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP46)

Instability of the upper ankle joint following total ankle replacment solved with a plastic castaing procedure

Böhling U, Schamberger H, Scholz J
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP47)

The biosurf-total surface replacement of the hip joint

Scholz J, Schamberger H, Böhling U
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP48)

Phase I – Studie: Ausschluss von Nebenwirkungen der Silber-beschichteten Mutars®-Megaendoprothese bei 20 Patienten mit Knochenmetastasen

Gosheger G, Hardes J, Gebert C, Ahrens H, Guensel A, von Eiff C, Erren M, Buerger H, Saxler G, Winkelmann W
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP49)

Die Stumpfaufbauplastik nach Hüftexartikulation unter Verwendung des MUTARS®-Tumorendoprothesensystems

Gosheger G, Hardes J, Gebert C, Winkelmann W
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP50)

The use of megaprostheses in tumor and revision surgery in 310 patients

Hardes J, Streitbuerger A, Gebert C, Ahrens H, Winkelmann W, Gosheger G
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP51)

Prospective midterm results with focus on radiographic aspects of a new anatomical adapted cementless stem-system in total hip arthroplasty.

Puhl W, Schütz U
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP52)

Modern strategies in treatment of thorakolumbal spondylodiscitis

Böhme J, Katscher S, Düsing T, Gonschorek O, Josten C
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP53)

Hip resurfacing arthroplasty – short term results

von Bremen-Kühne R, Steffen R
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP54)

Prevalence of spontaneous osteonecrosis of the medial femoral condyle

Pape D, Seil R, Kohn D
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP56)

Osteochondritis dissecans of the lateral femoral condyle

Schütz R, Drescher W, Varoga D, Hassenpflug J
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP57)

One-stage bilateral versus unilateral total knee arthroplasty

Rausch B, Schmitt S, Trepte C
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP58)

Improvement in function after valgus bracing of the knee

Meyer H, Schultz W
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP61)

3-Tesla-MRI of the articular cartilage of the knee vs. arthroscopy as gold standard

von Engelhardt L, Kraft CN, von Falkenhausen M, Stütz A, Pennekamp P, Schmitz A, Schmitt O
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP63)

Abscess around the sciatic nerve following a periphery regional anaesthesia

Pohlmann K, Wegener B, Dürr H, Schumacher A, Müller P, Jansson V
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP66)

The clinical examination in the diagnostics of the "anterior knee pain"

Betthäuser A, Hille E
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP67)

Schaftrekonstruktion nach der Exeter-Methode bei Knieprothesenwechsel

Steens W, Wodtke J, Katzer A, Löhr J
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP68)

Total knee arthroplasty after war injury

Gavrankapetanovic I, Gavrankapetanovic F, Becirbegovic S
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP69)

Why do we need the 3D knee™?

Schmitt S, Banks S, Hodge W
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP70)

Zukunftsoption von gekoppelten Kniegelenkendoprothesen

Steckel H, Klinger H, Baums M, Schultz W
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP71)

Primary stability of open wedge high tibial osteotomy

Freiling D, Agneskirchner D, Hurschler D, Lobenhoffer P
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP72)

Cementless dia-metaphyseal conical anchorage of tumor-endoprostheses for limb-salvage in patients with large osseous resections of the femur & tibia

Bruns J, Habermann C, Delling G, Werner M, Lohmann C, Gruber H
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP73)

20 years of experience with the Sledge-Prothesis (St. GEORG and ENDO-Model)

Kasch J, Bartel D, Kasch R
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP74)

Results of medial unicompartmental knee replacement Oxford III with reduced invasive approach

Heyden M, Schwarz G, Schultz W
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP75)

Complications after unicondylar knee replacement

König D, Popken F, Herzberg W, Eysel P
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP76)

Indication and results of modular tumorendoprotheses of the knee joint

von Salis-Soglio G, Fischer T, Schumann E
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP77)

TUmor-REvision-MOdular-System (TUREMOS), a constraint tumor and revision knee-prosthesis system with new anchoring system

Richter H, Cserhati M
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP78)

Early results with the rotating Hinge knee prosthesis in rheumatics

Radmer S, Andresen R, Sparmann M
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP79)

Mobile versus fixed bearing in cruciate retaining, computer assisted total knee surface replacement

Dries S, Sufi A, Lampe F, Hille E
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP81)

The use of proprioceptive insoles reduce pain in patients affected by gonarthrosis

Pernarella C, Adriani E, Röttinger H
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP82)

Eversion or subluxation of patella in soft tissue balancing of total knee arthroplasty?

Lüring C, Hüfner T, Kendoff D, Perlick L, Bäthis H, Krettek C, Grifka J
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP83)

A new surgical technique for the treatment of chronic ankle instability

Richter J, Jehmlich S, Frascaria R
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP84)

Teno-synovial giantcell-tumors

Bruns J, Luetkenhues A
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP85)

Long-term results of surgical treatment of osteochondrosis dissecans genus

Steinhagen J, Rayf M, Petersen J, Bruns J
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP87)

Patella resurfacing in total knee replacement

Hille E, Dries S, Lampe F
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP88)

Debridement, chondral resurfacing and opening wedge high tibial osteotomy in the varus knee

Hartwig C, Ströh A, Siekmann W, Theermann R
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP89)

Anterior vs. posterior doublerod instrumentation for idiopathic thoracolumbar scoliosis

Muschik M, Kimmich H
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP90)

Morselized bone grafting in revision arthroplasty of the knee

Steens W, Wodtke J, Katzer A, Löhr J
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP92)

Radio stereometric analysis of cervical interbody micromotion

Pape D, Nabhan A, Steudel W, Kohn D, Fritsch EW
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP93)

Disk prosthesis - results and alternatives

Kapella M, Weber E, Kreusch-Brinker R
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP94)

Adjacent level degeneration after lumbar fusion - fact or fantasy?

Fritsch E, Gödde S
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP95)

Elastic spacer - a possibility for a dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine

Arnold W, Grundei H
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP97)

Early aseptic failure of the dynamic stabilisation system

McLean C, Patel P, Sullivan C, Thomas M, Chatakondu S
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP98)

Early results in the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis by segmental angulation (IPD – interspinous process decompression) with a new implant (X - stop)

Reinhardt A, Schmidt B, Lang T, Werner D, Krause P, Mark P, Simons P, Godde G
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP99)

Die operative Therapie der absoluten lumbalen spinalen Stenose / Claudicatio spinalis

Siegling C, Theis M
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP100)

Treatment of spinal stenosis by decompression and dynamic augmentation with the interspinous titanium-u.

Adelt D
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP101)

A new idea for additional less invasive intersomativ stabilisation in degenerative cases as an alternative to ventral approach

Röhl K, Weidt F, Mall V, Klauß R
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP102)

First experiences with a new titanium spacer for anterior lumbar interbody fusion

Ernstberger T, König F, Krull J
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP104)

Lumbar fusion with plasmapore® covered intervertebral blocks (Prospace®) combined with posterior stabilisation

Hahn P, Ruetten S, Godolias G
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP105)

Lumbar interbody fusion with metal implants ("cages")

von Salis-Soglio G, Scholz R, Seller K
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP107)

Age-dependent changes of the position of the cervical facet joints

von Schulze Pellengahr C, Birkenmaier C, Wegener B, Jansson V
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP109)

Injuries and muscle tightness in soccer

Kreckel V, Eysel P, König DP
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP112)

Early complications in lumbar arthroplasty

Fritsch E, Gödde S
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP113)

Clinical results of endoprothetic disc replacement in the lumbar spine after Prodisc implantation

Siepe C, Wiechert K, Korge A, Mayer M
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP114)

Posterior decompression and instrumentation for failed anterior surgery in CSM?

Schmidt R, Puhl W, Cakir B
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP116)

Posterior-impingement after lumbar total disc replacement

Cakir B, Puhl W, Schmidt R
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP117)

Comparison of soft tissue trauma in microsurgical nucleotomy to a new technique - microscopically assisted percuteaneous nucleotomy

Franke J, Boehm H, Hempel B, Leonhardi J, Greiner-Perth R
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP118)

A new minimally invasive posterior approach for the treatment of cervical radiculopathy and myelopathy

Greiner-Perth R, Franke J, Boehm H
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP119)

Conservative treatment of Scheuermann kyphosis

Schneider M, Toth R, Lerner T, Liljenqvist U
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Meeting Abstract (05novEP120)

Adamantinoma of typical and atypical localisation

Ulmar B, Delling G, Puhl W, Huch K
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