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15th Annual Meeting of the German Drug Utilisation Research Group (GAA)

Gesellschaft für Arzneimittelforschung und Arzneimittelepidemiologie

20.11. - 21.11.2008, Bonn

Integration of primary and secondary data

Meeting Abstract (08gaa01)

Prevalence of depression in type II diabetics may be triggered mainly by co-morbidities rather than by diabetes mellitus itself

von Vultée C, Kostev K, Schröder-Bernhardi D
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Meeting Abstract (08gaa02)

Do defined daily doses (DDDs) reflect prescribing behaviour? A 3-month-analysis of data from a statutory health insurance company

Grimmsmann T, Himmel W
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Meeting Abstract (08gaa03)

Assessment of pharmacotherapy and evaluation of blood pressure control in patients above age 65 with hypertension in German primary care: Results of the DETECT study

Labeit A, Klotsche J, Pieper L, Wehling M, Wittchen HU
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Meeting Abstract (08gaa04)

Cost advantages and improved patient treatment satisfaction with Insulin Glargine in Typ 2 Diabetes patients. The long-acting Insulin Glargine vs. NPH Insulin cost evaluation study in Germany (LIVE-DE)

Kohlmann T, Knollmeyer J, Landgraf W, Pirk O, Hauner H
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Meeting Abstract (08gaa05)

Psychotropic drug prescribing for patients with newly diagnosed Alzheimer disease in 2002-2003. Analysis of the SHI-Sample AOK Hesse/KV Hesse

Küsgens I, Küpper-Nybelen J, Schubert I
With Erratum (Nov 18, 2008)
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Meeting Abstract (08gaa06)

Cross National Comparison of Drug Utilization Research – Results from the ISPE / EuroDURG Project

Vlahovic-Palcevski V, Janhsen K, Elseviers M, Vander Stichele R
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