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7th EFSMA – European Congress of Sports Medicine, 3rd Central European Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Annual Assembly of the German and the Austrian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Austrian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

26.-29.10.2011, Salzburg, Austria

Poster Presentations

Meeting Abstract (11esm192)

Age Upgrading of Young Players into Adult Competitions – Proposal of a Medical Evaluation Protocol

Miranda M
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Meeting Abstract (11esm193)

Concept of applied physical therapy procedures during specialized conditioning camp for top cyclists

Maximov G
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Meeting Abstract (11esm194)

Epidemiological study in young professional footballers: a prospective study of three consecutive seasons

Piras F, Cugia P, Mura R, Scorcu M, Angius L
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Meeting Abstract (11esm195)

How long do the positive effects of school-sponsored sport activities last?

Grossgasteiger S, Frizzera S, Toccacieli S
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Meeting Abstract (11esm196)

Lower body muscle imbalance in rugby players

Rusu AM, Avram C, Cocaina A, Egri I, Cluci OO, Guta-Almajan B, Miron P
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Meeting Abstract (11esm197)

Novel antioxidant supplementation in young soccer players

Radivojevic N, Dikic N, Baralic I, Djordjevic B, Vujic S, Andjelkovic M
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Meeting Abstract (11esm198)

Obesity at ex-sportsmen case presentation

Pentiuc C
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Meeting Abstract (11esm199)

Overuse injuries in elite female handball

Ferri-Caruana AM, Mayo-Santamaría C, Conesa-Guillén D, Sarti-Martínez MA
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Meeting Abstract (11esm200)

Stress and social environment on volley Albanian player at first category

Lleshi E, Qeleshi A, Martiri A
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Meeting Abstract (11esm201)

The benefit of the individualised prophylactic programs on the somatometric parameters of obese young people

Oravitan M, Avram C, Almajan-Guta B, Rusu AM
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Meeting Abstract (11esm202)

The body mass index underestimates thinness in adolescent athletes

Selga G, Kalnina L, Dahlström Ö, Timpka T, Sauka M, Priedite IS, Ligere R, Nylander E
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Meeting Abstract (11esm203)

The examination of the effects of proprioceptive training among young basketball players

Molics B, Mintal T, Kranicz J, Boncz I
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