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ESBS 2005: Skull Base Surgery: An Interdisciplinary Challenge
7th Congress of the European Skull Base Society held in association with
the 13th Congress of the German Society of Skull Base Surgery

18. - 21.05.2005, Fulda, Germany

Monitoring, Radiotherapy, Pathology

Meeting Contribution (05esbs54)

Intraoperative monitoring of hearing using distartion product otoacoustic emissions and electrophysiological techniques. An animal model

Morawski K, Telischi F, Bohorquez J, Niemczyk K, Delgado R, Ozdamar O
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs55)

Intraoperative monitoring of hearing during posterior fossa surgery using distortion product otoacoustic emissions. Clinical study

Morawski K, Lisowska G, Namyslowski G, Kwiek S, Bazowski P, Telischi FF
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs56)

Accuracy measurement of Volume-CT using a phantom

Leinung M, Bartling S, Dullin C, Rodt T, Stöver T, Becker H, Lenarz T, Majdani O
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs57)

Results from 44-months experience with intraoperative radiotherapy using electrons (ioert) as additional therapy in the context of treatment of tumours of the anterior skull base and the paranasal sinuses

Kopp M, Oberascher G, Meco C, Deutschmann H, Sedlmayer F
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs58)

Traintime as a quantitative EMG parameter for facial nerve function during acoustic neuroma surgery

Prell J, Rampp S, Romstöck J, Fahlbusch R, Strauss C
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs59)

The use of stereotactic radiosurgery in the management of meningiomas involving the cavernous sinus

Rowe J, Malik I, Radatz M, Kemeny AA
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs60)

Complications associated with embolization of skull base tumours and how to avoid them

Berlis A, Schumacher M
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs61)

Numb chin as a manifestation of malignancy: a neglected syndrome in the otolaryngology literature?

Rajkumar K, Khalil HS, Mal RK
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs62)

The hemangiopericytoma – a rare head and neck tumor

Koscielny S
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs63)

Invasive aspergillosis of the skull base – 4 case reports

Knipping S, Sandner A, Bloching M
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs64)

Osteoplasty in disseminated calvarial defects treated with autologous adipose derived stem cells and autologous fibrin glue: case report

Lendeckel S, Jödicke A, Christophis P, Heidinger K, Howaldt HP
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs65)

Rhino-orbital-cerebral mucormycosis and aspergillosis – differential diagnosis and treatment: 4 case reports

Arndt S, Dittmar A, Lohnstein PU, Schipper J, Maier W
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs66)

Sarcomas of the head and neck

Matthias C, Schneider S, Rasp G, Issels R
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Meeting Contribution (05esbs67)

Posttraumatic reactive fibrous bone neoformation of the skull base: A differential to osteosarcoma and fibrous dysplasia. A case report

Pfeiffer J, Kayser G, Boedeker CC, Maier W, Schipper J, Ridder GJ
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