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104th DOG Annual Meeting

21. - 24.09.2006, Berlin

Vorträge Samstag, 23.09.2006
European Symposium (SFO, RCO, SOI, DOG): Lacrimal Ducts

Meeting Abstract (06dogSA.16.01)

Surgical anatomy of the lacrimal fossa – a prospective computed tomodensitometry scan analysis

Morel X, Fayet B, Racy E, Assouline M, Zerbib M
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Meeting Abstract (06dogSA.16.02)

Diagnostic criteria for probing planning in congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction: lacrimal sac echographic grading

Steindler P, Mantovani E
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Meeting Abstract (06dogSA.16.03)

Histological features of chronic dacryocystitis

Robert PY, Adenis JP
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Meeting Abstract (06dogSA.16.04)

Stellenwert der Endoskopie in der Diagnostik von Erkrankungen der ableitenden Tränenwege

Meyer-Rüsenberg HW, Emmerich KH
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Meeting Abstract (06dogSA.16.05)

Canalicular probing as treatment of dacryocystitis in the newborn: a series of 5 cases

Casse G, Grivet D, Gain P, Adenis JP, Robert PY
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Meeting Abstract (06dogSA.16.06)

Behandlung der konnatalen Dakryostenose

Grewe S, Busse H
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Meeting Abstract (06dogSA.16.07)

Tumoren der ableitenden Tränenwege

Kroll J, Busse H
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Meeting Abstract (06dogSA.16.08)

External and endoscopic DCR

Malhotra R
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Meeting Abstract (06dogSA.16.09)

Endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy with operative microscope in acute dacryocystitis

Troiano P
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Meeting Abstract (06dogSA.16.10)

Wound opening with a Mini MonoKa®

Halhal M, Morel X, Monnet D, Ruban JM, Fayet B
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Meeting Abstract (06dogSA.16.11)

Endoskopische Tränenwegschirurgie

Emmerich KH, Meyer-Rüsenberg, HW
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