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104th DOG Annual Meeting

21. - 24.09.2006, Berlin

Vorträge Samstag, 23.09.2006
Deutsch-Russisches Symposium

Meeting Abstract (06dogSA.14.03)

Needle revision with 5-fluorouracil application in the management of bleb failure after trabeculectomy

Aliyeva S, Pfeiffer N
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Meeting Abstract (06dogSA.14.07)

Optical coherence tomography findings in macular epiretinal membranes

Lang GE
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Meeting Abstract (06dogSA.14.08)

Surgical repositioning of chronic macular hole margins

Alpatov S, Chtchouko A, Malishev V
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Meeting Abstract (06dogSA.14.10)

Transscleral thermotherapy (TSTT) in treatment of choroidal melanoma

Boiko EV
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