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102. Jahrestagung der DOG

Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft e. V.

23. bis 26.09.2004, Berlin

Vorträge Donnerstag, 23.09.2004
Retina II - Experimentelles, Diabetes

Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.03.01)

Selective retina therapy (SRT) and optical coherence tomography in patients with central serous retinopathy

Elsner H, Pörksen E, Klatt C, Theisen-Kunde D, Laqua H, Roider J
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Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.03.02)

Selective retinal treatment (SRT): analysis of optoacoustic online dosimetry

Pörksen E, Elsner H, Theissen-Kunde D, Roider H, Birngruber R, Brinkmann R
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Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.03.03)

Expression of EphrinB2 and EphB4 in a mouse model of oxygen-induced retinopathy

Ehlken C, Martin G, Hansen LL, Agostini HT
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Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.03.04)

A new animal model for studying angiopoietin-2-dependent angiogenesis in the retina

Feng Y, vom Hagen F, Wagner P, Hoffmann S, Lin J, Deutsch U, Hammes HP
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Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.03.05)

The relative influence of ageing on taurine transport across Bruch's choroid and the retinal pigment epithelium

Hillenkamp J, Hussain AA, Jackson TL, Cunningham JR, Constable P, Marshall J
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Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.03.07)

Alterations in the structure of the epiretinal membranes in PVR

Vidinova C, Voinov L, Vidinov N, Gougoutchkova P
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Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.03.08)

Mapping of the retinal pigment epithelium layer in exudative age-related macular degeneration

Neubauer AS, Thiel MJ, Priglinger SG, Eibl KH, Alge C, Welge-Lüssen UC, Kampik A
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Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.03.09)

Degeneration of retinal pigment epithelium and Bruch's membrane in LDL-receptor-deficient mice as a model of age-related macular degeneration

Rudolf M, Schlötzer-Schrehardt U, Aherrazou Z, Kaczmarek P, Roider J, Schmidt-Erfurth U
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Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.03.10)

Intraocular growth factors are not altered in early stages of diabetes mellitus

Höhne K, Heimann H, Spranger J, Bechrakis NE, Pfeiffer AFH, Foerster MH
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Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.03.11)

Evidence-based therapy of diabetic retinopathy

Hörle S, Kroll P
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Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.03.12)

Differences in topographic retinal thickness measurements in different clinical stages of diabetic maculopathy

Schaudig U, Scholz F, Richard G
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Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.03.13)

Vitrectomy for Diabetic Macular Edema

Hoerauf H, Lühmann D
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Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.03.14)

Vitrectomy for diabetic cystoid macular edema

Aboutable T, Kalvodová B
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Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.03.15)

The course of diabetic retinopathy after pancreas transplantation

Breuer B, Jochmann C, Witzigmann H, Meier P, Wiedemann P
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