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22nd International Congress of German Ophthalmic Surgeons

18. to 21.06.2009, Nürnberg


Meeting Abstract (09docVI 1.1)

Paediatric Cataract Surgery in Lahan, Nepal

Hennig A
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Meeting Abstract (09docVI 1.2)

Sutureless in-the-bag fixation of a single-piece flexible IOL in congenital lens ectopia

Fechin O
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Meeting Abstract (09docVI 1.3)

KITARO, Handy Surgical Simulator for Dry Lab and Wet Lab

Akura J
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Meeting Abstract (09docVI 1.4)

Phaco system in your pocket

Kishimoto M
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Meeting Abstract (09docVI 1.5)

Plus one, make your surgery with Ozil perfect

Masuda H
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Meeting Abstract (09docVI 1.6)

Capturing the flow in PEA

Shimowake T, Yoshida H, Miyoshi T
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Meeting Abstract (09docVI 1.7)

Manuelle Phako-fragmentation mittels Pommes-frites-technik

Bucher P
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Meeting Abstract (09docVI 1.8)

Die Entwicklung von individualisierten torischen HKL über die koaxiale Mikroinzisionschirurgie (CO-MICS) hin zu individualisierten torischen bifokalen MICS HKL

Breyer DRH, Klabe K, Remmel R
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Meeting Abstract (09docVI 1.9)

Astigmatismuskorrektur mit einer torischen Intraokularlinse

Kermani O, Gerten G
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