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62nd Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)
Joint Meeting with the Polish Society of Neurosurgeons (PNCH)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

7 - 11 May 2011, Hamburg

Lectures Tuesday, 10 May 2011
DI.06 Skull Base Lesions

Meeting Abstract (DI.06.02)

Outcome dependent overtake of lip-recovery with the tongue primary sensorimotor area following hypoglossal-facial transfer after peripheral facial paralysis

Rottler P, Schroeder HWS, Lotze M
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Meeting Abstract (DI.06.03)

Pharmacokinetics of prophylactic intravenous nimodipine treatment in skull base surgery

Scheller C, Simmermacher S, Rachinger J, Prell J, Strauss C
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Meeting Abstract (DI.06.04)

Effect of surgical decompression of the oculomotor nerve in skull base tumors involving the cavernous sinus

Nakamura M, Krauss JK
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Meeting Abstract (DI.06.05)

Tumor origin and hearing preservation in vestibular schwannoma surgery

Rachinger J, Rampp S, Prell J, Scheller C, Alfieri A, Strauss C
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Meeting Abstract (DI.06.06)

Muscle action potentials evoked by intra-operative cranial nerve stimulation

Rosahl SK, Creutzburg N, Langbein A, Gerlach R
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Meeting Abstract (DI.06.07)

Microneurovascular reconstruction in chronic facial nerve lesions: does anomalous innervation through the masseteric nerve work?

Krishnan KG, Seifert V, Krauss JK, Schackert G
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Meeting Abstract (DI.06.08)

Intraoperative ASSR monitoring in CPA surgery

Rampp S, Rensch L, Strauss C, Prell J
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Meeting Abstract (DI.06.09)

Endoscopic treatment of intraorbital pathologies

Lyson T, Sieskiewiecz A, Rutkowski R, Mariak Z, Rogowoski M
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Meeting Abstract (DI.06.10)

Localization of pituitary adenomas in patients with Cushing disease (CD) with negative or inconclusive MRI findings using cavernous sinus sampling (CSS)

Kränzlein H, van Leyen P, Ries T, Flitsch J, Lüdecke D
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Meeting Abstract (DI.06.11)

Transcranial versus transsphenoidal endoscopic surgery for intradural lesions of the anterior skull base and sella region

Hopf NJ, Optiz H, Reisch R
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Meeting Abstract (DI.06.12)

Hemihypoglossal facial nerve anastomosis for facial nerve palsy

Kunert P, Podgorska A, Bartoszewicz R, Morawski K, Marchel A
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