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59th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)
3rd Joint Meeting with the Italian Neurosurgical Society (SINch)

German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC)

1 - 4 June 2008, Würzburg

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MO.11 Free Topics: Imaging / Mapping / Monitoring

Meeting Abstract (MO.11.01)

The role of tractography in the assessment of motor dysfunction in central glioma surgery

Parpaley Y, Neuloh G, Nelles M, Urbach H, Schramm J
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Meeting Abstract (MO.11.02)

Prediction of visual field deficits by diffusion tensor imaging in temporal lobe epilepsy surgery

Nimsky C, Weigel D, Chen X, Ganslandt O, Buchfelder M
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Meeting Abstract (MO.11.03)

Preservation of speech function by integrating fiber tract data connecting Broca and Wernicke areas into a navigation setup

Nimsky C, Ganslandt O, Weigel D, Grummich P, Merhof D, Buchfelder M
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Meeting Abstract (MO.11.04)

Assessment and time-course of post-concussive metabolic cerebral changes using high field magnetic resonance spectroscopy: a clinical study

Ria A, Cristofori L, Zoccatelli G, Alessandrini F, Beltramello A, Turazzi S
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Meeting Abstract (MO.11.05)

Intraoperative cortical stimulation mapping and presurgical fMRI – complement or contradiction?

Nickel J, Seitz RJ, Steiger HJ, Stummer W, Sabel MC
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Meeting Abstract (MO.11.06)

Efficient visualization of risk structures along virtual access paths for neurosurgical planning

Rieder C, Görge HH, Ritter F, Hahn HK, Peitgen HO
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Meeting Abstract (MO.11.07)

Electrooculography with adhesive surface electrodes for localizing cranial nerves III, IV and VI during skull-base surgery

Slotty P, Steiger HJ, Stummer W
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Meeting Abstract (MO.11.08)

Relevance of intraoperative MRI in the transsphenoidal surgery of 207 nonfunctioning pituitary adenomas

von Keller B, Weigel D, Kreutzer J, Buchfelder M, Nimsky C
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Meeting Abstract (MO.11.10)

Advanced screening for blunt craniocervical vessel injuries: whole body CT trauma imaging with adapted CT angiography

Fleck S, Langner S, Baldauf J, Kirsch M, Schroeder H
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