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56. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie e. V. (DGNC)
3èmes journées françaises de Neurochirurgie (SFNC)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie e. V.
Société Française de Neurochirurgie

07. bis 11.05.2005, Strasbourg

P10 Free Subjects - Spinal Neurosurgery 2

Meeting Abstract (P099)

Accuracy of 2D-3D Fluoro-CT-matching for spinal navigation

Börm W
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Meeting Abstract (P100)

The great deceiver

Beier C, Hartmann A, Woertgen C, Brawanski A, Rothoerl RD
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Meeting Abstract (P101)

Surgical management of Brown-Séquard syndrome caused by idiopathic spinal cord herniation

Fischer B, Schul C, Elger T, Heindel W, Wassmann H
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Meeting Abstract (P102)

Symptomatic intramedullary thoracic cavernomas

Fischer B, Palkovic S, Lemcke L, Niederstadt T, Wassmann H
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Meeting Abstract (P103)

Cervical diastematomyelia associated with an intradural epidermoid cyst between the hemicords and multiple vertebral body anomalies

Korinth MC, Kapser A, Nolte K, Gilsbach JM
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Meeting Abstract (P104)

A model of high cervical spinal cord contusion inducing a persistent unilateral respiratory deficit in the adult rat

Baussart B, Polentes J, Stamegna JC, Vinit S, Gauthier P, Tadié M
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Meeting Abstract (P105)

Chronic intramedullary abscess

Seizeur R, Gaillard S, Goutagny S, Auliac S, Pencalet P, Visot A
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Meeting Abstract (P106)

The neurosurgical tratement of postoperatory lumbar meningocele

Toshkezi G, Combes C, Berthelot JL, Faillot T, Redondo A
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Meeting Abstract (P107)

Angiolipome rachidien épidural dorsal

Marnet D, Patey M, Billaud B, Bazin A, Bernard MH, Canas F, Litre F, Noudel R, Peruzzi P, Pluot M, Scherpereel B, Rousseaux P
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Meeting Abstract (P108)

Osseous fusion rate of interbody cages compared to autogenous bone grafts in dorsal instrumentated degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis

Schneekloth C, Hoffmann A, Hahn R, Rist A, Sepehrnia A
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Meeting Abstract (P109)

Alignment after thoracolumbar fractures

Klawunde P, Jöllenbeck B, Firsching R
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Meeting Abstract (P110)

Registration of the lumbar spine based on 3D ultrasound and spiral-CT data

Schmieder K, Winter S, Engelhardt M, Pechlivanis I, Scholz M, Harders A
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Meeting Abstract (P111)

Transversal fractures of the upper sacrum: anatomical analysis - practical deductions

Lazennec JY, Zouaoui S, Sofia T, Saillant G
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Meeting Abstract (P112)

Wedge osteotomy in major sagittal spinal deformities: surgical planning in monosegmental osteotomy strategies and consequences for postoperative spinal balance

Lazennec JY, Rousseau MA, Gorin G, Saillant G
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Meeting Abstract (P113)

Closing wedge osteotomy for treating post-traumatic kyphosis at thoraco-lumbar and lumbar levels

Lazennec JY, Neves N, Saillant G, Rousseau MA
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