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128. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Chirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chirurgie

03.05. - 06.05.2011, München

Sitzungen am 03.05.2011
Wundheilung und Geweberegeneration

Meeting Abstract (11dgch203)

Effect of tumour necrosis factor-alpha on collagen metabolism in human skin

Mirastschijski U, Schnabel R, Vogt M, Agren S
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Meeting Abstract (11dgch204)

Secondary burn progression prevented by Eryhropo´etin: A matter of dosage and timing

Rezaeian F, Wettstein R, Tobalem M, Harder Y
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Meeting Abstract (11dgch205)

Hepatic protection of growth factors against ethanol toxicity

Ilowski M, Lee S, Rentsch M, Jauch KW, Thasler W
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Meeting Abstract (11dgch206)

microRNA 132 and 141 are involved in regeneration of proliferating islets of Langerhans

Kersting S, Roth J, GrŘtzmann R, Sailer J, Saeger HD, Pilarsky C
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Meeting Abstract (11dgch207)

Bipolar radiofrequency-induced thermofusion of intestinal anastomoses – ex vivo evaluation of a new anastomosis technique

Holmer C, Winter H, Lindner G, Lauster R, Kraft M, Buhr HJ, Ritz JP
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