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Research in Medical Education – Chances and Challenges International Conference

20.05. - 22.05.2009, Heidelberg

Friday: Short Communications
Session I: Assessment (Chairmen: Georg & Norcini)

Meeting Abstract (09rmeI1)

Development of a new curriculum for physical examination and history taking: OSCE results after participating in the “old” vs. the “new” course

Kujumdshiev S, Hamm K, Ochsendorf F, Schulze J, Wagner TOF
Meeting Abstract (09rmeI2)

Learning strategies and success in examinations

Jünger J, Wagener S, Schönemann J, Schultz JH, Nikendei C, Möltner A
Meeting Abstract (09rmeI3)

Update on integrated block testing in the basic science years

Wiegman DL, Streips UN, Greenberg RB
Meeting Abstract (09rmeI4)

Influence of assessment method on objectivity and reliability in grading prosthodontic restorations in preclinical dental education

Scheutzel P
Meeting Abstract (09rmeI5)

Reducing common prescription errors – a randomized controlled trial

Celebi N, Weyrich P, Kirchhoff K, Lammerding-Koeppel M