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21. Jahrestagung der Retinologischen Gesellschaft gemeinsam mit dem
8. Symposium der International Society of Ocular Trauma

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Retinologie
International Society of Ocular Trauma

19.06. - 22.06.2008, Würzburg

ISOT6: Treatment of anterior segment complications

Meeting Abstract (ISOTRG2008V052)

Severe ablative face injury

Schargus M, Schrader WF, Sold J
Meeting Abstract (ISOTRG2008V053)

Repairing Traumatic Inferior Canalicular Lacerations Using a Monocanalicular Stent System.

Simons S
Meeting Abstract (ISOTRG2008V054)

Visual outcomes of blunt ocular ruptures associated with orbital fractures

Grant M
Meeting Abstract (ISOTRG2008V055)

Descemet’s stripping endothelial keratoplasty in posttraumatic corneal dystrophy

Oganesyan O, Danilova D, Neroev V, Gundorova R
Meeting Abstract (ISOTRG2008V056)

The site of traumatic versus spontaneous wound dehiscence after penetrating keratoplasty

Pahor D, Gracner T, Gracner B
Meeting Abstract (ISOTRG2008V057)

The Unique Use of Amniotic Membrane to Reconstruct the Ocular Surface and Fornix, as well as Inhibit Scar Formation, in a Patient Suffering Traumatic Facial Injury

Multack RF, Barsamian MD, Proctor B
Meeting Abstract (ISOTRG2008V058)

Limbal stem cells transplantation in chemical and thermal burns

Wylegala E, Dobrowolski D, Tarnawska D
Meeting Abstract (ISOTRG2008V059)

Long-term results of limbal allograft transplantation in patients with limbal stem cell deficiency after chemical/thermal burns

Chernetskiy I, Makarov P, Gundorova R
Meeting Abstract (ISOTRG2008V060)

Surgical repair of selected cases of open globe injuries under topical anaesthesia

Agrawal R