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G-I-N Conference 2012

Guidelines International Network

22.08 - 25.08.2012, Berlin

Poster Sessions
Stakeholders and dissemination

Meeting Abstract (P113)

Understanding evidence-based information need, behaviour and use by clinical professional groups to adapt and improve dissemination and implementation strategies

Leng G, Sinnott L, Adams K
Meeting Abstract (P114)

Application of the electronic version of implementation guideline appraisal instrument (eGLIA2) in the evaluation of clinical practice guidelines of acute diarrhea in children

Acosta JL, Contreras JO, Sierra JM, Tamayo ME, Lugo LH, Florez ID
Meeting Abstract (P115)

Treatment of Acute Asthma in Children: A Clinical Practice Guideline from the Alexandria University Hospitals, Center for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines, Healthcare Quality Directorate and the Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Pediatric Respiratory, Allergy & Immunology Unit and Alexandria University Children's Hospital

Amer Y, Elzalabany M, Omar T, Dowidar N, Badr-Eldin O, Elsawy I, Eissa M, Galal A, Ibrahim E, Elgamel H, Abou Gabal M, Dhorgham H
Meeting Abstract (P116)

International collaboration in updating guidelines for general practice

Kurver M, Peremans L, Burgers J
Meeting Abstract (P117)

Novel Adaptation Process and Taxonomy for Modifying recommendations customized for GRADE Guidelines

Kristiansen A, Vandvik PO, Brandt L, Rosenbaum S, Alonso-Coello P, Akl E, Spencer F, Guyatt G, Neumann I, Berge E
Meeting Abstract (P118)

Portuguese Guidelines born out of US independent academic materials: A cross-Atlantic collaboration to improve rational prescribing in Portugal during an economic crisis context

Silverio Rodrigues D, Caetano P, Heleno B, Pinto D, Monteiro E, Santos I
Meeting Abstract (P119)

Clinical guidelines synthesis as a method of guidelines adaptation

Stepanenko A, Lishchyshyna O
Meeting Abstract (P120)

Guideline adaptation and synthesis of recommendations – a methodological challenge

Cook R, Jansen A, Geary K, Taft R, Clapton J
Meeting Abstract (P121)

Improving stroke care in Georgia through guideline adaptation

Cluzeau F, Tsiskaridze A, Gabunia T, Serebryakova L, Kendall T, Ruiz F
Meeting Abstract (P122)

Involving patients, carers and members of the public in implementation and dissemination

Graham K, James R
Meeting Abstract (P123)

DECIDE: survey on awareness of NICE guidelines and their implementation

McFarlane E, Thornton J, Chalmers S, Whittingham E, Sharma T, Alderson P
Meeting Abstract (P124)

Six years of the Spanish NHS clinical practice guideline programme

García Rodríguez S, Salcedo Fernández F, García-Lechuz Moya JM, GuiaSalud
Meeting Abstract (P125)

National Guidelines – Framework and method for open prioritizations

Jakobsson A, Weilandt L, Branting Elgstrand M
Meeting Abstract (P126)

Bringing together related Belgian EBM-information into a new national point-of-care information website: experiences from a test-case on oral anticoagulants

Van De Velde S, Michels J, Leysen P, Delvaux N, Poelman T, Soenen K, Christiaens T, Boudry D, Aertgeerts B, Vander Stichele R
Meeting Abstract (P127)

SAGE Directory of Cancer Guidelines

Brouwers M, Rawski E, Bahirathan L, Waldron T, Spithoff K, Zwaal C
Meeting Abstract (P128)

Adaptation and medical interventions unification in resource-constrained country

Blikhar V, Morozov A
Meeting Abstract (P129)

Using clinical guidelines to improve the quality of care in countries moving towards Universal Health Coverage: Initial evidence from 10 countries

Cutler D, Cluzeau F, Barker P, Chalkidou K, Mate K, Morente T, Sifrim Z, Smits H
Meeting Abstract (P130)

Training in AGREE instrument using for multidisciplinary groups members

Lishchyshyna O, Kravets O
Meeting Abstract (P131)

Guideline Adaptation in Kazakhstan

Muratov S, Lang E, McGowan J, Foerster V, Montoya D, Rustemova K
Meeting Abstract (P132)

First development of evidence-based nursing guidelines on selected topics in Switzerland

Ivanovic N, Widmer C, Panfil EM
Meeting Abstract (P133)

Exploring optimal conditions for knowledge exchange in the Guideline Implementability Research and Application Network

Hylmar S, Gagliardi A
Meeting Abstract (P134)

The Capacity Enhancement Program: Building Capacity for Quality Cancer Control and pan-Canadian Guideline Collaboration

Brouwers M, Waldron T, Zwaal C, Spithoff K, Rawski E, Bahirathan L
Meeting Abstract (P135)

How can implementation of medical research in clinical practice be improved?

Steinhausen K, Ollenschläger G, Antes G, Chalmers I, Berghmans S, Højgaard L
Meeting Abstract (P136)

Experience of patients with a rare disease may be generic for recommendations and guidelines for managing larger patient groups

Brunsmann F, Hof P, Charbel Issa P, Kopp I, Rüther K