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63. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC)
Joint Meeting mit der Japanischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (JNS)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

13. - 16. Juni 2012, Leipzig

Lectures Thursday, 14 June 2012
DO.08 Free topics: Spine miscellaneous

Meeting Abstract (DO.08.01)

Short psychological intervention as a perioperative pain reduction treatment in spinal neurosurgery

Reichart R, Vogel I, Weiss T, Hennig S, Walter J, Kalff R
Meeting Abstract (DO.08.02)

An anterior wedge-shaped-defect human model to investigate load to failure, kyphosis, translation and spinal encroachment

Pitzen T, Sharef BA, Matis N, Welk T, Schilling C, Drumm J
Meeting Abstract (DO.08.03)

Palliative surgical treatment of spinal metastases using posterolateral decompression with sole posterior instrumentation significantly improves intractable pain, decreases Frankel grades and ameliorates QOL

Walter J, Reichart R, Waschke A, Kalff R, Ewald C
Meeting Abstract (DO.08.04)

A novel technique for cement augmentation of pedicle screws reduces cement leakage rates. A prospective, controlled, clinical trial in osteoporotic bone

Blattert TR, Riesner HJ, Josten C
Meeting Abstract (DO.08.05)

5-year follow-up show less infection rate and muscle damage by MIS spondylodesis in very obese patients (BMI > 35)

Pfandlsteiner T, Seidel K, Wimmer C
Meeting Abstract (DO.08.06)

A retrospective study of 113 consecutive cases of surgically treated spondylodiscitis patients. A single center experience

Shiban E, Janssen I, Ringel F, Meyer B, Stoffel M
Meeting Abstract (DO.08.07)

Spondylodiscitis by multiresistent bacteria – a single center experience of 15 cases

Shiban E, Janssen I, Stoffel M, Meyer B, Ringel F
Meeting Abstract (DO.08.08)

Posterior spondylodesis in thoraco-lumbar spondylodiscitis: advantages of percutaneous procedures compared to open surgery

Balakhadze I, Rohde V, Martinez-Olivera RM
Meeting Abstract (DO.08.09)

Safety and accuracy comparison of robot-assisted and fluoroscopy-guided pedicle screw insertion

Schatlo B, Kotowski M, Molliqaj G, Schaller K, Tessitore E
Meeting Abstract (DO.08.10)

Learning curve and first experiences in intraoperative 3D-fluoroscopy-guided navigated pedicle screw placement

Ryang YM, Obermüller T, Ringel F, Villard J, Gempt J, Krieg S, Meyer B
Meeting Abstract (DO.08.11)

Piriformis syndrome – Fata morgana or a neglected neurosurgical disease

Barcik U, Megele R
Meeting Abstract (DO.08.12)

In vitro 3D reconstitution of the mammalian spinal cord using murine embryonic stem cells

Niesche M, Meinhardt A, Tanaka E, Kirsch M, Schackert G