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61. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) im Rahmen der Neurowoche 2010
Joint Meeting mit der Brasilianischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie am 20. September 2010

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

21. - 25.09.2010, Mannheim

Vorträge, Freitag, 24. September 2010
Varia 2

Meeting Abstract (V1687)

Postoperative CSF fistulas after cranial intradural procedures – risk factors and clinical implications: 12-month results of a multicenter quality-control study

Spuck S, Kundt G, Weber C, Tronnier V, Piek J
Meeting Abstract (V1688)

Helmet use in winter sport activities – attitude and opinion of neurosurgeons and general population

Jung CS, Zweckberger K, Schick U, Unterberg AW
Meeting Abstract (V1689)

Anisocoria in the emergency room: prognostic factors for clinical outcome

Haus S, Mielck F, Rohde V, Gutenberg A
Meeting Abstract (V1690)

The prognostic reliability of the Glasgow coma score, evaluated on the basis of MRI examination

Woischneck D, Kapapa T, Firsching R
Meeting Abstract (V1691)

Outcome and peri-operative risks in elderly patients with chronic subdural haematoma: a retrospective analysis of 322 patients between the ages 65–94 years

Borger V, Güresir E, Oszvald Á, Marquardt G, Vatter H, Seifert V
Meeting Abstract (V1692)

The predictive value of brainstem tractography in head injured patients

Voellger B, Abdelrehim M, Firsching R
Meeting Abstract (V1693)

Persistent hypocortisolism in Cushing’s disease and persistent comorbidities in acromegaly determine neurocognitive function and quality of life after surgical treatment

Psaras T, Honegger J, Milian M
Meeting Abstract (V1694)

Long-term follow-up in children with craniosynostosis

J.Hermann EJ, A.Tschan CA, S.Schriek KS, Rittierodt M, K.Krauss JK
Meeting Abstract (V1695)

Synchrotron-microtomographic studies of normal and pathological cranial sutures – a further insight

Regelsberger J, Schmidt T, Busse B, Herzen J, Tsokos M, Amling M, Beckmann F
Meeting Abstract (V1696)

Nanoscaled liposomes increase homogeneity in contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging

Becker A, Marxer E, Brüßler J, Bakowsky U, Nimsky C
Meeting Abstract (V1697)

Efficacy and safety of the 2micron continuous wave laser in neuro-endoscopic procedures

Nagel C, Ebner FH, Tatagiba MS, Schuhmann MU
Meeting Abstract (V1698)

Seeing other people move – the cerebellum and visual perception of body motion

Sokolov AA, Erb M, Gharabaghi A, Grodd W, Pavlova MA, Tatagiba MS